Watch Setting Guide

Below, are some simple pictures to assist you with setting the time, or changing the battery on your watch. 

Step 1:

Remove the watch face, by gentle and carefully prying it from the pewter fitting.



Step 2:

At this step you can either set the time on your watch face using the below instructions, or move to Step 3 to replace your battery.

Setting the Time: Gently pull the small, round dial out from the side of the watch face. Gently twist the dial to set the time and push back into place.

Changing the Battery: We strongly suggest that you take your watch to a qualified jewelers to change your battery.  If you wish to do this yourself, please follow Steps 2,3 & 4. You will need to use a watch fitting tool to remove the back of the case from your watch, as show below.



Step 3:

Once you gently pry open the back of the watch fitting, you can remove the back panel completly.  Please note, there is a small cut out, for the time setting dial, on the side of this back panel.  When you are ready to replace and close this back panel, you will need to match this cut out up with the dial.



Step 4:

To replace the battery, remove from the back of the fitting and replace new battery.  Then gently push the back panel back on (remembering to line up the dial cut out).