Why Skulls?

In today’s world skull fashion is not going anywhere and they have been the symbol of a variety of subculture across the ages and are now growing more and is a widespread in mainstream fashion. Skull designs are not just black and white anymore, in today’s day and ages they can be whatever color you want them to be. People that are obsessed with skulls are often called cranomaniac and or skull obsessed, there are some people that find beauty in death, they find themselves fascinated by skulls, while there is people that are obsessed with it, there are other people that find it symbolizes danger and hostility, which the human skull may convey in a very natural way. The skull head (the human head) has reminded us that one day or another that we will pass onto the after life, there is no denying it, everyone dies, and no one can stop it from happening. It has been said that the skull has been believed to have the power to ward off illnesses but with wearing them it will guard people against different forms of evil spirits. The skull ring has grown in popularity in most cultures and across ages that will embrace the enchanting style of the ring.

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