Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The Country

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The Country

1) Labrador Retrievers- They are one of the most friendly and active dogs that loves to be with their humans at all time. Some of the activities they like to do is hunting, showing, being with family, tracking, obedience and even jumping off the docks on a nice summer day!

2) German Shepherds- Very trusted companions, and they often work as police dogs so if you see them wearing their uniform make sure you thank them for their service and let them do their job. They are great as service dogs as well because they are very loyal to their main caretakers.

3) Golden Retrievers- They are very intelligent dogs, very friendly and you will often see them star in tv shows or movies.

4) French Bulldogs- Need a dog will low maintenance, these dogs have big personalities, but they still do not require a ton of exercise.

5) Bulldogs- Very courageous canines, you might have seen some Presidents have this breed because they will protect you!

6) Beagles- Great Hunters, very curious dogs that will follow their noses anywhere and can often been caught getting into some type of trouble. But they also like to cuddle with their caretakers whenever they can!

7) Poodles-These pups come in a variety of sizes, standard, miniature and or toy size, they are considered one of the most extremely intelligent breeds of dog. As you have seen that hair cut of theirs the ‘’poodle clip’’ it is designed to help protect their joints and organs when they get into cold water. You usually see them at dog shows but now you will mostly see them as a family dog.

8) Rottweilers- Most view this breed as evil, but they are known to be protective guardians and have a soft side to them as they can be very loving and a loyal companion to their owners.

9) German Shorthaired Pointers- Great hunting dogs because they have a great sense of smell and they are also very intelligence as well.

10) Yorkshire Terriers- They became fashionable pets in the late Victorian Era, but before that they were in clothing mills as vermin catches. Now you can see them as a family pet. Small, cute and loving animals.

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