Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Abyssinian- Very clever and curious and they like to explore which can get them into some type of trouble. They love to be around their families, but not the cat that wants constant attention. They love to play but they are not reckless, and they are sure to keep you entertained!


American Bobtail- They have an appearance in which resembles their wild cousins. As they were not selectively bred by humans, instead, their natural section helped make this breed and they are strong and sturdy enough that will make them seem like they always know what their person is feeling. Can also be generally quiet, they will chirp, trill, and click when they get excited.

American Shorthair- With their medium sized build, they do tend to have heavy bones. This breed is completely devoted to their caretakers and will do great with other pets.

Balinese- A very slender and elegant breed, they are long and lean, muscular but not too stocky. They are a playful with an outgoing personality. Balinese are known to be very talkative, so if you live alone, this is a great breed to get because they rarely stop being vocal. But do not be too harsh in your tone of voice because it has been said that it will hurt their feelings.

Bengal- They look very similar to a tiny leopard with their unique markings. They are orangish-brown with dark spots of brown which is ringed in black covering their body. They may look fierce but, they are sweet family pets and will give you tons of love and affection.

Birman- An easily recognizable cat because they have distinct markings. Their feet are white and have nice bright blue eyes. They are heavily boned which gives them a stocky appearance. This breed even though is long haired, they have silky fur and easy to care for because it does not mat easily. Best suited for an individual person because they like to bone with a single person.

Bombay- With their pitch-black coat, and their muscular body it gives them an appearance of a miniature wildcat. They are entirely domestic cats, and they were created by crossing a Sable Burmese cat with a black American shorthair. Some people even call them their house panther.

British Shorthair- Very cute and have an affectionate personality, they can be playful and fun but also can be quite lazy. The British shorthair will spend most of his or her time just lounging around and just enjoy the relaxation. Even though these cats can be quite costly they are very popular cats.

Devon Rex- Some people think these cats look funny, but they are simply adorable and are known for possessing above-average levels of intelligence. Capable of learning and performing advanced commands and tricks. It does not mean that trying to convince them to do so is that easy. Their mutation was discovered in Devonshire, England. Hence, where they got their name from.

Domestic Longhair- Even though most people associate with calling a cat a domestic longhair, it is not an official breed. The term is used for any domestic cat of unknown origins. They are a large percentage of household cats around the world. Which is why they are one of the most popular cats. They have a wide range of traits and even temperaments and most of them till share some things in common as a love for hunting and stalking, so if your domestic longhair is an outdoor cat do not be alarmed when they bring you home a present.

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