Top 10 Guard Dogs

Top 10 Guard Dogs

Do you live in a neighborhood that just does not feel safe? Thinking about getting a guard dog but you are unsure which breed will be the best fit for you and your family. In this article I will be going over the top 10 best guard dog breeds that will hopefully help you out in choosing what is best for you.

 Top 10 Guard Dogs To Help Protect You.

German Sheperd- These dogs are great because they are intelligent, protective, and even athletic. Training this kind of dog will go quickly and there is a reason why they are often used as police dogs! They are also great if you have kids too so no need to worry there.

Rhodesian Ridgeback- These dogs were previously known as the ‘’African Lion Hound’’ because they are very courageous dogs that used to hunt lions in South Africa. Even though they were used as hunting dogs they still have a great temper and makes them affectionate which will be good if you have little ones. But will also be great as a guard dog!

American Staffordshire Terrier- These dogs are small, but they have some power behind their medium, muscular frame. They are agile, confident and will be a good-natured friend that you can count on to watch over your home.

Kuvasz- This breed is a sturdy working dog that as a ton of energy, agility, and fearlessness. A very good dog for a family because your kids will feel like they are cuddling with a sheep.

Rottweiler- If these dogs are not brought up as a puppy their aggression comes naturally to them and will be great as a guard dog. But if you introduce them as a puppy, they will become a watchful guardian and a tender playmate for you and your family.

Doberman Pinscher- This breed is very alert, energetic, and even obedient. You may see this breed on many films and tv shows are the family watch dog because they have a fearless heart. They make a perfect family friend and even a more perfect protector.

Komondor- You may not see this breed as a guard dog because of it is white moppy-look. But with their power, loyalty, and herding roots, they are intelligent and independent enough to trust with the task of protecting your family. The only thing is they have a stubborn side to them so you might want to investigate an experience protection trainer to help you out.

Puli- This breed is like the Komondor, they have great agility and alertness and will pick up quickly to protection training lessons.

Giant Schnauzer- Very easy to work with, even though they have a playfulness to them, they are very sturdy and valiant. They have phenomenal composure and will also help protect your house and family.

Bullmastiff- Great alertness so they can catch poachers. They will use their size and strength to help protect the family and house. They are a very active breed and great companions as well.

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