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Star wars squadron

Star Wars is gearing up to deliver another game, this time focusing on space battles. Star Wars squadron, unlike the previous game Jedi fallen order you will not be a jedi. This one will take you into space to do battle either for the Imperials or the New Republic.  The focus will be from inside the cockpit and VR will be available for those who have it.

While only a bit of gameplay has been revealed so far, it looks like you will be controlling various aspects of your ship including engines, shields and firepower reminding us of the classic TIE fighter and X-wing series. There is also some customizing of the ship itself, its not clear of the extent of this customisation, but the pre-order bonus tells us they will have flight suits, ship skins and decals.

EA has also come out and said that everything will be obtainable in game, so we will not see it plagued with microtransactions giving people the edge. This does not mean we will not see any micro transactions that might give access to skins soon, but time will tell. EA seems to be learning from previous mistakes in battlefront.

Squadron will include a campaign where you will be part of the New Republic vanguard squadron and the imperial titan squadron. The “two pilots you play will shape the balance of power in the galaxy” according to EA.

After completing you can jump into multiplayer which is a 5 versus 5 battle including 4 types of ships from fighters, interceptors, support, and bombers mirrored on each side, but themed appropriately. For example, the fighters will include the X-wing and TIE fighter. There will 50 plus customisations for the ships including tractor beams, turrets and more.

The games featured mode was show called fleet battles. These are multi-stage conflicts that are like battlefield’s operations, but on a small scale in terms of team size. It starts with a dog fight between pilots, then goes into an attack/depend section which trying to destroy or defend a mid size capital ship and finally you attack the main capital ship. We are unsure if this continues to go back and forth until a capital ship is destroyed.

These battles are 5 versus 5 and include locations such as Yavin Prime, Galitan, Nadiri Dockyards, Esseles, Sissubo and the Zavian Abyss.

Releasing October 10th, 2020 we await more information on how this will play out


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