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Playing together while apart

Times have been challenging. People have been unable to see each other for extended periods of time whether this is family or friends. Even people in relationships have been unable to spend time together.

Fortunately, with the advancement of today we can keep in touch and talk to each other. There are various ways to stay in contact such as video and voice calls. These are great to be able to talk and catch up a bit, but it can still be hard to keep the conversation going. Here are 8 activities you can do together online

  1. Play party games online together such as Pictionary. There are various sites out there that you can join as a group and one person draws and the others guess. Add voice chat to let people yell and scream to their hearts desire
  2. Watch a movie together. Some of the streaming services have added an ability to watch a movie at the same time.
  3. Play a video game together. There are many games out there that are not very demanding and can be played on lower end computers if you have friends who do not normally game.
  4. Make a playlist and listen to it together
  5. Plan an amazing trip together or your next get together.
  6. Start a blog together
  7. Go further and start a website together.
  8. Send a gift to them


Playing video games is something my friend and I have done for a long time. We don’t live near each other so the way we stay in touch is online and our activity is video games. The game is just something to do while we catch up and chat for a while. It has become an nice addition that has helped us stay in touch and could help you.


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