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NASA sun pictures and Devolver digital shows up big

NASA releases closest ever pictures of the sun

The pictures were taken by the Solar Orbiter which was launched in February from Cape Canaveral. The Orbiter was about 48 million miles from the sun, this places it roughly halfway between the Sun and Earth. Another spacecraft is flying much closer to the sun, but the cameras would be to close to operate safely. The cameras on this other craft are facing away and this craft is for observing solar winds.

The pictures from the Orbiter show vibrant swirls of yellow and dark smoky gray. You can also see tiny flare-ups which have been called campfires which are similar to solar flares, but much smaller. These flares are known to be hundreds of times hotter than the actual solar surface, but the reason is currently unknown.

The Orbiter will continue its mission moving closer to the sun in two years and will tilt to as the mission goes on to provide view of the sun’s solar poles.

Devolver Digital

As with many gaming companies, Devolver Digital has streamers they show to replace the E3 presentation they would have done. While not a triple A company they bring their show to a different level than the larger companies. They do not simply do a presentation and show some gameplay but built a while Sci-Fi show.
They have had this running show that continue from the previous year, while making meta commentary about the gaming industry. This year was focus on announcing games and its focus over gameplay. It is truly a unique presentation that is worth a watch if you have not seen it before.

During the show they announced the following games:

  • Shadow warrior 3
  • Fall guys: Ultimate knockout
  • Carrion
  • Olija
  • Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass

They also released a free game called Devolverland Expo. This is an abandon convention center that is a marketing simulator highlighting their games.
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