How Did People Start The Gothic Trend?

How Did People Start The Gothic Trend?

Ever wonder how being a goth became a thing in the world, where did it originated from? well in the 1980s it became a subculture and it began in the United Kingdom that was developed by fans of gothic rock, and offshoot of the post-punk music genre. How they got the name goth was derived directly from the genre.

Who was the original goth?

They were Germanic people known as Visigoths and ostragoths, which some of them who played a significant role in toppling the Roman Empire. One who’s name was King Aaric who led the sack of Rome which occurred on April 24, 410 A.D.

What makes a Person Goth?

A person who is identified as a gothic person technically is a person who hates the world and has a negative aspect on it. They also enjoy listening to particular rock music and also see the beauty in wearing dark clothing. All of this usually appears strange or scary to normal people

Ever wonder why goths wear black, well it has been said that black is a symbol of death, darkness, and the mysteries of the universe. Which are themes of Goth music and art.

Everyone hates things even goths, goth lifestyle allows for both commonalities and difference from the dominant culture. In general, they hate the mall, mass media and popular fashion and also hate doing things they’re told to do by the marketing gurus.

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