Grim reaper pendant

How can you add that unique gothic and skull style to you daily look?

We always wanted to make sure we look the part. Unfortunately gothic and skull clothing and accessories are not always acceptable in some environments. It is often difficult to balance being yourself and wearing what you need for the job. You can always show off who you are in your daily life, but at work that may be much harder to do. A professional look is often expected of you when you work in an office or store.

How can you add your own style then while still dressing the part? The simple answer is jewelry. Jewelry can 
be added to almost any wardrobe and give you a simple way to stand out and not let corporations take away your individuality. Whether this is a pair of earrings in the shape of a skull or a black rose pendant it give you the opportunity to show them your true side while still looking the professional part. An added bonus is you can wear the jewelry anytime. Its not limited to work or social gathering.

While skull and goth clothing has become much more accepted, there is still criticism in parts of our lives and 
not everyone is fortunate enough to wear what they want at all times. Never let that hold you back from being yourself and showing off who you are.

So grab that jewelry and show them a bit of your personal flair

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