Halloween Is Just Around The Corner!

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner!

Having troubles finding accessories for your Halloween costume. Looking at all the websites online trying to choose the perfect items for your costume for you or your family. You can check out all the accessories on Grim Haven and match it up with your costume you may have at home already or you might even see something you could make a costume out of on the website as well. You might even find something that you will be able to wear after Halloween as well.

Some of our Accessories you can look through include bracelets, chokers, rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings. We also have other items that you can decorate your house for Halloween as well. And if Halloween is your favourite holiday you can even spice up your office or even your garden with some decorative skull stuff.

Some of the favorites for Halloween Costume Accessories are:

  • Black Ice Ribbon Bracelet
  • Bat Wrist Strap
  • Dark Wolf Bracelet
  • Black Cat Bracelet
  • Red Eyed Cat Choker
  • Heart With Wings Earrings

Some of our favorite kitchen Halloween decorations are:

  • Black Moon And Star Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
  • Chop Chop Cutting Board

Some of our office Halloween decorations are:

  • Sword And Hand Letter Opener
  • Baby Gargoyle Pen Holder
  • Gryphon Card Holder
  • Skull Cup And Pen Set


Some of our favorite garden Halloween decorations are:

  • Crawling Reaper Statue
  • Dragon Head Gutter Spout
  • Skeleton Garden Gnomes
  • Skull Tree Wall Sculpture

Happy Halloween!

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