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Geek culture


 These day’s, we see Geek culture everywhere. From Toddler clothing to adult’s headwear. Similar to how people wear clothing with their favorite sports team’s, people will wear their favorite superhero or video game character. Geeky images are no longer limited to Halloween anymore.

Why all the interest in Geek culture? There are many reasons, but ultimately, it is a way for people to express themselves. It is no longer something to be made fun of, but to be embraced. You are showing your passion and sharing it with the world. Geek culture has become a worldwide statement.

It has also built its way into the mainstream media. People who had no knowledge of video games have been exposed to it or watched movies with superheroes, something that never happened before. I have met people I would never expect to be playing tabletop games and you can see the enthusiasm in their eyes as they explain the game or topic.

It could be the question of what if or maybe an escape into something other than their daily lives, but Geek culture has arrived in force and has continued to evolve and grow. As more people explore their new interest that they may have never know about before, they build and bring new ideas into these areas.

Many have tried to define Geek’s to be a specific interest or area, but ultimately enthusiasm of an interests in which someone is geeking out over a topic is truly a geek that we should embrace.


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