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EGX and Call of duty

EGX is cancelled

EGX is being replaced as venues around the world continue to delay or cancel their event, some are looking for alternatives. Many gaming venues have looked for alternatives of streaming online. This allows them to show off upcoming and new games to build up the hype.

EGX has teamed up with PAX online to host a 9 day event with 24 hour streams starting September 12th. This event is an ambitious one, streaming straight for 9 days can lead to technical difficulties and challenges of showing off the game.
One major loss of convention moving to online streams is we lose the ability to try the games hands on. Trying something in person is very different than watching someone play it. There could be input delay or other issues that can only be felt when you play yourself. They did tease that "let’s play's" will be done with some of the biggest names in gaming, so hopefully we can get some good reviews from them.

The good news is everything will be free, you can tune in and stream everything. The sessions with developers and panels will be streamed. One challenge they might face is the interaction with these sessions might be more difficult as many streams will have a lot of spam in the chat. It will be interesting to see how they deal with this.

Call of duty Warzone adding 200 players per match

When queuing for quad mode you will be placed in a match with 200 players. Battle royals have been evolving over the past few years and Call of duty has been making waves since they joined the battle

Previously they only allowed up to 150 players per match in solo, duo or trio modes. As part of the season 4 update the quad mode will start with the extra 50 players in the match. This does not affect the previous ques as they will remain at 150 players.

This update includes a new spotter scope that can be used separate from the sniper rifle allowing you to look without giving your position away. It also includes a Juggernaut mode which gives one player a mini-gun and some protection.
From what we can tell this is only available for one player at a time and is dropped onto the battlefield. Once that person is defeated another drop will happen and the players will have the opportunity to equipment it and become the new Juggernaut. This mode looks similar to what fortnight has done in the past but looks to be a permanent mode.


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