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Diablo 2, torchlight 3 and minecraft

Diablo 2 remastered coming?

Many of us have heard the rumours regarding Diablo 2 remastered. Back before the last Blizcon there were rumours that Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and diablo 2 remastered would be revealed. Two of those were revealed and Diablo 2 rumours remained quiet. Recently, Diablo 2 remastered rumours resurfaced with claims it would be revealed at IGN’s summer event called Diablo 2 resurrected. This also did not come true. 
The most recent rumour is on the 20th anniversary of Diablo 2, which is June 29th, we will receive the announcement from Blizzard. It is stated that Vicarious Visions is doing the remaster along with Blizzard. While we have no confirmed sources from the leak, Blizzard did come out and comment on it.

Diablo community lead had the following to say:

“We don’t usually comment on rumors, but before this hype train goes off the rails we wanted to clarify that there are no upcoming Diablo announcements in June. The minions of hell are hard at work getting ready for the start of the next Diablo 3 season, brining you the next Diablo 4 quarterly update (Very) soon, and we have some fun activities planned around the upcoming 20th anniversary of Diablo 2.”

After this was posted another rumour stated that it will be announced at Gamescon which Blizzard has been known to make announcements at in the past. Gamescon runs August 27-30th. Time will tell if these rumours will come true and if Vicarious Visions is involved.

Vicarious Visions has recently produced the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy successfully and are working on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. With Crash being a successful remaster, this brings hope to the Diablo remaster if the rumours are true.

There was an installer link found that would contribute to the Diablo 2 rumour. The download link found was for Diablo 2 but is different from the current one available for Diablo on the battle net launcher but does not download properly at the moment. This is like previous launchers found.

We believe that Diablo 2 will be remastered at some point. This is more a question of when, not if in our opinion. The concern of course is Blizzard track record with remasters. Recently Warcraft 3 went up in flames as they could not fulfill their promises. On the other hand, StarCraft was successfully remastered. Hopefully, they will follow Starcraft’s route.


Torchlight 3 update adding last zone

Torchlight 3 is going ahead with a major update since being launched into early access. This patch will include a variety of updates and bug fixes along with the third act. This will wrap up the story campaign in the dwarf fortress of Mount Echonok.

Mount Echonok will start with the lower section where you will take on automations from the former residence the dwarfs. You will work you way up to the mountain and take on the Vultura. We do not know what else is in store for us at the end, but we expect some big boss to wrap up this adventure.

Torchlight 3 has had a rough launch with server issues and many bugs. It looks like the devs for torchlight are listen to the community and fixing and changing as needed. Time will tell if they can bring the game up to the standards of the community. The game is still expected to launch toward the end of the year.

Minecraft dungeons adds jungle DLC

Get ready for the first DLC for Minecraft’s ARPG. Minecaft dungeons is preparing to head to the jungle in Jungle awakens. This will be arriving Wednesday adding the jungle biome levels, new weapons, story missions and abilities. This will release alongside a free update adding gear, new dungeons, and balance changes.

No news on when we can expect the creeping winter DLC which was teased with jungle awakens, but we expect it to follow not long after as winter approaches.      Hopefully, we will hear about when the cross platform will be added soon as well. 



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