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Cyberpunk, Marvel, Stream

Cyberpunk 2077 Netflix series

The highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 game set to launch in November has added a Netflix series to their name. During their night city wire stream, they announced CD project red, developers of the Cyberpunk game announced Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. This will be an anime series spin off the game.
This is set to stream in 2020 and will be made by Trigger. Trigger is a Japanese studio known for Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia. This follows the witch series which was CD Project Red’s other major game series.
This is a 10-episode series set in Night City focusing on a street kid trying to survive. The kid chooses to be a mercenary outlaw known as a edgerunner. Not much more know, but the direct Hiroyuki Imaishi has always loved cyberpunk as a genre but found creating something original very difficult. He knows that it will be challenging to please both anime and video game fans but looks forward to bring it to life to meet expectations.


Steam Summer Sale is back

Steams summer sale has returned. An annual sale which offers discounts for most of their games on the platform. While steam sales are not what they use to be, offering different discounts over the sale, you can find some great games on sale to fill out your summer gaming needs. This sale runs until July 9th 10:00 AM Pacific.


Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay and Information

The upcoming marvel game has had some more information and gameplay drop. The focus of this was the villain and Thor gameplay along with were they gained their inspiration for the game.
The main villain is the corporation AIM which is known for hating superheroes and was to remove them from the planet. Along with AIM they bring Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing better known as M.O.D.O.K.. M.O.D.O.K. was first shown in the 60’.
Thor also showed up showing off different ways to play him including a ranged focus and a melee focus while also flying around the battlefield. There looked to be some interaction with other members of the avengers such as the Hulk teaming up on an attach against one of AIM’s robots.
Additionally, we were able to see a bit of the other systems that will be part of this game. There will be equipment you will obtain and put on your character similar to RPG’s. This equipment looks like it will change various states and you will use it to build the character how you want. On top of this there sounds like there will be a talent tree in which you choose abilities allowing you to focus on certain areas.
This game is set to launch September 4th bring people into the avengers experience’


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