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Control Schemes In Video Games

Something we never have understood with video games is why have different control setups. Many stick to a similar set of buttons for certain actions such as jump or crouch, but occasionally someone will come along and change it up. Sometimes these changes are big and other times they are minor, but its something that has puzzled us for many years.

A great example of this is some games will use CRT to crouch and others will shift or the C button. Another example, shift is commonly used for sprinting in many games. If I ever pick up a new game and want to figure out how to run faster shift would be the first button I would go to. Valorant for example used shift to slow your movement speed. While not a big different as it is affecting the same movement, it can still be a bit confusing. We have also played games that use \ to adjust movement speed.

What does not make sense is why change up universally accepted movement controls. We do not see anything positive out of this. By using similar controls people can get into the game more easily without having to learn what buttons do what. While it is a simple thing, it might discourage some players from enjoying the game. Our best guess is companies feel that if someone gets comfortable with the controls they will not want to play something else as it will feel off, but many people play more than one game and we found it to be more of an annoyance especially when you can not customize the controls.

While it will never happen, it would be nice if companies used similar controls to make it easier to learn their game when starting out. It might be a small annoyance, but it is a simple fix with having customized control options allowing you to have the buttons doing what you want.

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