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Cards games or deck building games have gone through waves of popularity. Many people associate card games with Magic the gathering. A deck building involved you creating a deck of cards that you will use to compete against the other player/players. It is a mix of skill, planning, knowing what is in your deck and a bit of luck that makes it an interesting game. You draw cards based the rules of the game and play accordingly. Each game brings a unique set of rules for example in magic the gathering you must have land to play your creatures. While this is not always the case it depends on the cards. Another example is hearthstone which you use energy to play cards.

Another very popular card game was Pokemon. It exploded in popularity with the TV show having children collecting card packs looking for their favorite card or a rare shiny card. With Pokemon many people did not actually play the card game. It was more of a collectable. Bragging rights going to those who had the rare cards. In fact, I only remember one time someone played a battle and it was fairly basic. It felt like a more basic version of other card games. Either way you can not denied the success it had.

As is often the case when something is popular other medias will try to make their version of it. Borrowing and improved or creating something unique using the basics. In video games we have seen this with slay the spire. A card game in which you add more cards to your deck after each battle and fight it out with minions until you reach the boss as the end of each map. On top of this you choose the route you go and make decisions as paths branch. Do you want a better item, or do you want to visit the shop? There is also risk involved. Yes, you can get a better item, but you have to fight a mini boss. Eventually you reach the final boss and hopefully you have set it up correctly to win.

Slay the spire is not the only video game adaptation. There have been many others and even Magic The Gathering has gone online. Some have implemented the card pack with random cards inside. Others have included ways to get specific cards. Its funny how even through the medium is different, the game remains the same


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