5 Ways To Help Your Dog With A Sensitive Tummy

5 Ways To Help Your Dog With A Sensitive Tummy

Does you dog always have an upset tummy? Or was born with a stomach condition that just makes them have a sensitive stomach no matter what they eat? Here are 5 easy ways to help relive your puppy’s sensitive stomach. Also, a cheap way too instead of buying that expensive medicated dog food.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated!

To help them with their sensitive stomach you must make sure that they are staying hydrated throughout the day. An upset stomach can lead t diarrhea which is another contribution to dehydration and even a loss of essential electrolytes. Even though you want your dog to drink water to stay hydrated you also must watch how much intake they have after a meal because it could result in severe diarrhea.

Goat Milk

Apparently giving your dogs goat milk can help that sensitive stomach of theirs because the milk contains proteins, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes. They all help promote good health in the stomach. While it is improving the digestive system to help settle the stomach and will prepare them for a new raw diet. If you decide to give them goat milk, make sure that if your dog weighs below 10lbs you can only give them 2oz a day, for dogs that weigh about 20-40lbs you can give them only 4oz a day and only 8oz a day for dogs weighing 50-80lbs.

Dry Food Over Wet Food

The difference between dry food and wet food is the water content. In dry the water content is 3-12% which is a lot lower than wet food which is about 60-80% of water. It is a considerable difference and will have major impact in your dog’s digestive system. So, when going to get them dry food make sure you read the labels to see what is in it and makes sure it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals and if you change your dogs, dog food be sure you give it to them in small quantities just so their stomach can get accustomed to it.

Intermittent Fasting

If your dog has a tendency of getting an upset stomach, try a fasting technique for a couple days to see if that will help improve their digestive system. If you do it for 12 hours, it will provide relief to the dog. Also make sure that your dog drinks clean water throughout the day.

Canned Pumpkin

You may find this one weird, but canned pumpkin can be a perfect natural remedy for a dog with a sensitive stomach because of the rich fiber veggie. The pumpkin should be pure and have no extra spices in it. With it having an abundance of soluble fiber, it soothes the irritated bowel movements, and can cause the delay of the GI tract transit time, in which it will calm the digestive tract and will avoid diarrhea. Pumpkin has a great source of potassium and low potassium can cause the body to become weak and heart rate to become irregularities, pains, fatigue and many other healthy problems. The amount of pumpkin you should give your dog should be what size canine you have. For a small dog, half a teaspoon is enough and for bigger dogs one teaspoon is enough to help them out.

If none of these natural remedies does not improve your dog’s digestive system you may want to consult your vet for a more complete health check up

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